Friday, February 22, 2008

Parliament antics

I don't think a blog post can possible express how entertaining I find the cardboard cut out of Kevin Rudd (Prime Minister of Australia) brought into Parliament last week. Are American politics ever this funny?
OK, GA trying to steal a piece of TN, that's pretty hilarious as well.

On notice

It's official. I told BCG today that I wanted to take my "looking for a new job" leave. I'll continue to work at CYI through the end of March, then perhaps some holidaying, and then the job search in Australia starts in earnest.

Perhaps I should start a reality TV show "So you think you can be Australia's next top employer of me"

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Far North on the big screen

I wouldn't recommend any one go out and pay money to see this. But, should you find yourself on a plane and the movie is Fool's Gold, it might be worth a look without the sound as it was filmed here in Far North Queensland.

This was so newsworthy it got a two page spread in the Cairns Post!

Jungle Surfing!

In the middle of January, when Rowan and her sister Jordan visited, we went up to Cape Tribulation and went jungle surfing. These are the pictures from that adventure.

Jungle Surfing

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