Sunday, April 05, 2009

Here comes the rain again

Queensland has been on water restrictions since I arrived. In fact it's been on water restrictions for the last 3 years. And it has easier restrictions than states further south that are essentially deserts. Shops give away free 2 minute timers on suction cups so you can limit your showers.

This past week we've gotten buckets of rain. In fact we've gotten double our April average in just the first 5 days. There have been floods and landslides, but the real news is that our dams are over 50% full, which is the trigger to reducing our water restrictions. We are officially no longer in water crisis, now just a drought.

This means that residents can water their lawns for an hour a week (in 2 half hour increments) provided they use a hose that doesn't use more than 9 litres per minute.

Growing up in Georgia, I remember having water restrictions, and they were a huge deal. People were up at arms about only being able to water their lawns every other day. It's a bit inspiring to see that a culture can put so much value on preserving their water.

For my part, I don't own a car to wash, and I do my best to kill off any plants in my care.


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