Thursday, June 03, 2010

Race planning

It's here. The Mooseman Olympic distance is tomorrow. I'm using this race as a run through for the Patriot Half in two weeks. This means I'll be doing things a bit differently to the way I would normally race an Olympic, like wearing real bike shoes instead of tri shoes, bike gloves, eating solid food. My transitions may be a little longer, but I think the practice should be worth it. I've got plenty of other Olympic distances to really race on.

Here's the plan:

  • 5am wake up, eat half a cup of oatmeal, drink a spark, braid hair
  • 5:30 head to the course, register, rack, sunscreen, etc
  • 7am warm up
  • 7:30 first gu
  • 7:46 start swim
  • Transition to bike - sunnies, gloves, socks, shoes, helmet, bike, clif bar and additional gu in bento box, NUUN water bottle
  • Eat half of clif bar after devil's hill
  • Eat gu at turn for Cass Mill Rd
  • Transition to run - runners, number belt, visor, one gu in pocket
  • Eat gu on way out
  • Drink water from aid station
  • Finish race like a rockstar!
I'm still a little nervous about the nutrition, but this the time to test it out, work out any last minute kinks. Any suggestions?


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