Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cairns Show

Regional cities across the country hosted their Show Days on Friday. The show is something akin to a county fair, which considering my passion for the Somerville Memorial Day Parade, I loved. There was livestock, a dog show, skydivers, tons of amusement park rides and games complete with Aussie Carnies, candy floss (i.e., cotton candy), dagwood dogs (i.e., corndogs), chips (i.e., fries), arts and crafts competitions, a wood chopping contest and booths advertising everything from politicians, to Jacuzzis, to churches, to dust mite removal products. But a key differentiator from the American fair is the show bag. They have huge booths selling various branded bags each including an assortment of goodies. They have Cadbery bags, Bratz bags, Carebears bags, Wiggles bags, and my personal favorite: the American Chopper bag.

Cairns Show


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