Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I spent 3 more days in Sydney. The first two I worked out of the BCG office there (which has incredible views of the entire city). I’ve found Sydneysiders to be incomparably welcoming and friendly.

I went to see an adaptation of the Sun Zsu’s “The Art of War” with some other BCGers. The play was well done, though a little overwrought. It mixed cast members reading from the book in unison with a story of corporate warfare and a commentary on the Iraq war. It was interesting to have another country criticize a war that my country is fighting. Not that I disagreed with their points just makes you feel a little uneasy as an American on foreign soil. And the American accents sounded funny.

I spent the day Saturday with friends Nick and Henock, took the ferry out to Manly beach. The weather was nice, probably mid-60s, so there were a few people sun-bathing and a bunch of people surfing. The water was definitely warmer than Boston water and probably warmer than the south coast of the cape. Finally, I saw the musical adaptation of the “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” which was totally fantastic. The costumes really stole the show, right up to the finale when every cast member was dressed as some Australian flora or fauna.

Sydney Day 4


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