Friday, July 25, 2008


Saturday mornings (when I don't have a cold), I go for a run or a ride early in the morning, return home for a quick breakfast and a shower, then grab my green bags and head to the markets.

The Green Flea Markets are located in Davies Park a 10 minute walk from my house. The markets are a combination of local, organic farmers market produce, some more commercially produced produce, handmade jewelry, second hand clothes, old records, chai tea, cupcakes, cheesy bread sticks, a one man band and a guy who cuts hair in a very fancy stall.
And I love them. They're busy and noisy and sometimes it take 10 minutes to get a coffee, but they're always good value. The produce is much better and cheaper than what you find in the supermarket, and many people come for saturday brunch, and bring a picnic rug to spread out on the lawn of the park.
I went to the markets this morning. It's the middle of winter, but the skies are clear the sun is strong and it's about 70 degrees. And I thought about how lucky I am, to live here and to get to go to my market every weekend.
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