Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kevin Rudd is my MP

In a parliament, the prime minister is not chosen by the populace but by other reps from his party. In an election is district elects their member of parliament (MP), then whichever party holds the majority decides among themselves who the leader of their party will be. Although most of the time this decision is made before the general election. So last year when the election was on, the debates were between Kevin Rudd, the leader of the Labour party, and John Howard, the then PM and leader of the Liberal party. Then in the election, John Howard was not re-elected in his home seat. And, Labour won a majority in parliament. Thus big Kev is the PM now, and Brendan Nelson is the newly appointed "opposition leader" i.e., the leader of the Liberal party.

Why does this matter? Cause Kevin Rudd is the MP for my district. Now, I can't vote for him, but still. How cool is it to be one of his constituents.

In related news, the Premier of Queensland (i.e., the Governor) is the rep for South Brisbane as well. I'm so close to greatness.


Paul July 24, 2008 at 9:45 AM  

Not only is he your MP, but your PM as well. Wee...fun with letters!

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