Thursday, February 23, 2012

BTT ITT Race Report

Last weekend, I participated in my very first Indoor Time Trial.  Two years ago, I didn't sign up cause I was nervous about it.  During the ITT, your bike is hooked up to a computer that projects where you are relative to the others in your heat.  Somehow it's just so much more exposed than racing.  Last year I signed up, but I got sick a few days beforehand and couldn't race. 

But this year, I finally did it.  Here's how the ITT works for the uninitiated.  We set up 16 trainers that are computerized and hooked up to screens that show you where you are relative to the other competitors in your heat.  Like this:

The course is the last 6 miles of the Boston Marathon, but in reverse.  So it's mostly uphill.

Coach Alan had planned a nice consistent power to hold for the first 5 miles, then continually increase during the last mile.  I started out in the wrong gear.  Typically, when I do trainer rides, I ride in my small chainring (the easier gear in the front).  Usually, when I ride on the road I ride in the big chain, but on the trainer, I can get the heart rate, cadence and power right in the small one.  Unfortunately, I started in the small chain and had to switch it up to the big chain shortly thereafter.

From there though, it got good, and the miles peeled off.  I wasn't in the lead pack, so the announcer was never on me.  I just got to get in my groove and go.  At mile 5, I started picking up the power a bit.  And then it was over.  I felt like I had a little too much left in the tank.  But always better to have too much left than not enough.  Can't wait for the next one.

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