Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guinea pig

Shin update.  I saw the specialist, I had an MRI, I have what's called a "stress reaction," which I'm told is swelling in the bone and a precursor to a stress fracture.  Treating it like a stress fracture was the right thing to do, and it's what I continue to do.  I've got about 2.5 more weeks before I go back to the doc to hopefully be cleared to run again.

A few weeks back I got an email about a clinical study looking for women with stress fractures.  They're studying the utility of an osteoporosis drug in speeding the recovery process.  I was intrigued.  I mean, I like the possibility of it speeding my recovery, and it's science.  SCIENCE!  But, it's also an experiment in which I am the guinea pig.

I talked it over with Paul and my coach.  We discussed the risks.  I brought it up with my friend who works at a biotech and does lots of work with clinical study results.  She asked around and found that the drug has had good results in the 12 years it's been on the market for osteoporosis and very few, and manageable, side effects.  So... I signed up.  After all, it's SCIENCE!

As part of the trial, I got to get a full body dexa scan to measure bone density and body composition as well as   another scan that involved many letters that looks at the mineral content of my bones as well.  I'll get to see the outputs of these scans, soon.  The downside is that the drug has to be taken daily, and it's an injection.  I was a little trepidatious, but it's not bad.  The needle seems even smaller than an acupuncture needle.  And, honestly, I do painful stuff to my body everyday.  Hello, eyebrow plucking!

It's been a week, and so far so good.  No side effects, and my shin is feeling 100%.  Here's to hoping I'm one of the lucky guinea pigs.


Shannon February 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM  

interesting trial, fingers crossed things continue to go well!

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