Thursday, June 21, 2012

If blogs were people, I'd be getting ready for kindergarden

Happy blogiversary to Shelby Apples!  Today is FIVE years from my very first post, as I readied to ship off to Australia.

I started this blog originally to about being a stranger in a strange land, but as Australia became less foreign and triathlon became a bigger part of my life, the focus has shifted.

As I've been preparing for this post, it's been fun to look back at the milestones from these last 5 years.

Duathlon in Port Douglas
1.  I competed in my first duathlon, just a month after arriving in Oz.  It was such an unusual pastime I just titled it "Duathlon"

2.  I battled roaches in Cairns.

3.  I hiked to the top of the Pyramid with good friends.

5.  I had a very good first date.

7.  ... but I still competed in my very first olympic-distance triathlon just three weeks later.

8.  I cycled the from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road.

8.  I had a very good second date, which resulted in a boyfriend.

Loz and me atop the pyramid

9.  I ran my first half marathon.

10.  I raced in my first half ironman.

11.  I moved back to the US for love with the aforementioned boyfriend.

12.  From there my adventures became less jetset.  No longer traveling to exotic climbs on a regular basis (Vermont doesn't count), I looked for speed at races and inventive healthy food options at home.

13.  I won my age group for the first and, so far, only time.

14.  I qualified for and raced at the Triathlon National Championship.

Cooking with Andrea in Bangkok
15.    I got engaged!

Looking back, I am humbled by how incredibly fortunate I have been, getting to experience all these new places, meet new people, and take on new challenges.

Blogging itself has been a wonderful experience:  it's the most dedicated to a journal that I've ever been.  It serves as a history of race strategies and recipes.  Where we go from here, only time will tell.  Here's to five more years of adventures!
1st place at the Duxbury Sprint
Paul and me at the Sydney Opera House on our second date.


Anonymous June 21, 2012 at 12:33 PM  

Cute post! Happy anniversary!!

Shannon June 21, 2012 at 3:17 PM  

Congrats! 5 amazing years :) i'm going to have to make that stew! ...and did i catch that you worked at BCG?

Laura June 22, 2012 at 9:51 AM  

I did work at BCG, for nearly 5 years. That's how I ended up in Australia.

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