Monday, October 29, 2007

Aussie Indie

New project: discovering great Aussie bands.

All of these seem to have creepy videos, and it's not cause it's Halloween, cause it's not Halloween here. Maybe just the Aussies like their videos creepy. Enjoy.

Exhibit A: Faker, one of my new faves, not available on US itunes, but still great, though the video is a bit creepy

Exhibit B: Operator Please. I think these kids are in high school. Maybe not as indie as they might be. They rocked the charts here with a song about ping pong, "Just a song about ping pong"

Exhibit C: Skipping Girl Vinegar. For some reason, I really like this video. Reminds me of The Maxx

Exhibit D: Sneaky Sound System. Probably the least "indie" on the list, but still fun dancy tracks.


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